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Sniper Standoff

Status: 25/25

Diễn viên: Eddie Cheung,Michael Tse,Kathy Chow,Kate Tsui,Alice Chan

Đạo diễn:

Thể loại: Phim Hành Động
Quốc gia: Phim Hồng Kông

Thời lượng: 25 Tập

Năm phát hành: 2013

Lượt xem: 68766 Lượt Xem

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  • Nội Dung Phim

Sniper Lee Ho Yeung (Michael Tse) left the Special Duties Unit as he failed in an operation, and since then he has gradually developed personal enmity towards his co-worker and good friend Ko Chun Kin (Eddie Cheung). Ho Yeung becomes a yacht merchant and then becomes a president of a Firearms Association, colluding with organised crime syndicates on the sly. Taking advantage of the trust laid upon him by a detective of the Organised Crime and Triad Bureau, Seung Koon Ming Chu (Kate Tsui), he has quite a grasp on police operations that raid on the crime syndicates. On top of that, with his girlfriend Lai Chan (Eliza Sam) being a member of the Special Duties Unit, Ho Yeung gains first-move advantage in all respects. On the flip side, Chun Kin has been kept in the dark for the whole time, until he finds there is something suspicious regarding the criminal’s modus operandi in several murder cases. Later on, owing to a money laundering case, Ho Yeung deliberately approaches Chun Kin’s good friend, Wong Yeuk Ling (Kathy Chow), who learns that ChunKin was the sniper who shot her in the head many years ago. Without anyone noticing, a tense standoff between the brothers is about to unfold.

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